Honor your favorite teachers for our first UP Church Teacher Appreciation Day! Here's what you need to do:
  1. SIGN UP YOUR TEACHER: Complete the information form below. (1 form per teacher) Be sure that you include contact information so that we can send a reminder to the teacher from the church. Don’t forget to consider extra-curricular activity leaders, coaches and tutors!
  2. INVITE THE TEACHER: Give a personal invitation to the teacher that you are nominating. We have paper invitations and email invitations.
  3. CONFIRM YOUR TEACHER: Get a response from your teacher before April 10th. We need to prepare their gift.
  4. WRITE A PERSONAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: In the below or on an index card, have your child write why they are acknowledging the teacher. This is the sentiment that will be read as the teacher is being honored. Give this card to Sunday School Superintendent, Danna Kiel, by April 17th.
  5. If you intend to honor more than one teacher, please use a separate form.
* indicates required
Parent or person submitting an honoree
Parent or person submitting an honoree
This will be read when the teacher/mentor/coach is honored and may be included on the certificate.
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